Alike people bringing mushrooms
to the mushroom-picking advisory centre
send your poem to a literary magazine.

The editors will consequently let you know
whether it‘s poisonous or edible.

The Importance of Choice

There wasn‘t any vacant compartment in the whole carriage.

It is important to think over
next to whom to sit down
as the following ninety minutes
might be everything from frustration to inspiration

Luckily I‘ve got the right of choice

Among a frowning female-pensioner
with canvas bags
a bunch of teenagers with snowboards
and a guy reading the book
I‘m choosing sitting down next to the last-mentioned one.

Because the pensioner is regretting
that she can‘t make to watch a soap opera
the snowboarders think
that they can find all the world‘s wisdom
on the red ski slope

but the guy with the book
even doesn‘t know about me

having a feeling that

a waitress in a hotel restaurant came to him
with the question “did you enjoy your meal?“

or in the South African bush a dangerous lioness

or an angel bowed
over the Christmas table

wishing plenty of presents
and please mind the fishbones

We All Have to Go There

Although you daily toss a vitamin C pill
into the glass of H2O
and enthusiastically watch the geysers of little bubbles

Having for breakfast oat flakes, fruits,
wholegrain breadstuff and garlic spread
having enough exercise, bright mind,
happy married life, good friends and an undisturbed job

though from a sort of stupid reason
you finally become a business of
the funeral house

As it is inevitable
and we all have to go there

And on the top of that your survivors are in a danger
that you might be exchanged during the cremation
with another corpse
(- it was recently mentioned on the radio
when they were speaking about the undertakers‘ ethics -)

Well, good luck that at the moment I‘m not afraid of the death at all
and my thinking is throughout positive…


At the doctor‘s waiting room the tiles bare their teeth like a dog
’cause they don‘t know you – you haven‘t been here for a long time

The leaves of a dieffenbachia in the corner are turning yellow
probably it also suffers from a certain illness
so it waits till the doctor subscribes it a medicine
maybe even fertilizer but water would be enough

Plants should be given positive thoughts
but this one keeps listening just patients‘ sighs
no one is perceiving it and no one doesn‘t care

It would have better time in the ecuadorian rainforest

As there it is the plant
whose poison add the Indians
into the heads of poisonous arrows curare

The Last Days at Corsica

I‘m gonna get up
an advertisement for today‘s day is behind the window

heated-up coast     fans of palm trees
glittering carousel of smiles – colours – movements – gestures – mood – emotions
and remarkable habits

like the ship cruising from the harbour
overflowing with the cargo of
sweet almonds, grapes, water melons and fiqs

For nature has learned itself:
even if the summer should last no more then just two days
the last sunrays invest into advertisement

A Ferryboat to Livorno

There were various people on the ship

a young lady wearing a T-shirt with a sign saying “addictive”
a man wearing a T-shirt with a sign saying “quess”
a rebel youngster wearing a cut bush and a sign saying “fucking bush”
a baby wearing a sign saying “little angel”

A guy in the mezzanine was pretending he‘s sleeping
but at the same time he was watching everything
Jack fell asleep over the xth volume of Harry Potter
Tavi was trying camembert

We were sitting and lying on the ship stairs
it was dry there, not draught
the ship was gently waggling from side to side
for it was a big ferry to Livorno

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